Yoshiki Takeoka

About me.

I am the "Outstanding Super Creator" qualified by IPA(Information-technology Promotion Agency, JAPAN), a Japanese citizen based in Tokyo, Japan.

Working in software/hardware engineering and designing at the field of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI). I am interested in intersection of engineering, science, design and human to invent new ways of interacting with computers. My primary interest is how to bring the REAL world to computer world and how you bring computing to the REAL world.

Now I am looking for Job opportunity in software/hardware engineering, HCI/UI design or Prototyping.

I currently bagan, and have yet to finish Ph.D in Computer Science at The University of Tokyo working with Jun Rekimoto.
While woking on Ph.D. work, I work on Sony Computer Science Laboratories as a research assistant.

I completed my Master's degree at The University of Tokyo and studied HCI.

I worked in IT-team at The University of Tokyo Edge Capital (2011 Summer); was research assistant at "JST(Japan Science and Technology Agency) ERATO User Interfaces for Design UI Project (2008 - 2010); was Chief Creator of IPA(Information-technology Promotion Agency, JAPAN) 2009 Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (MITOH Program).

So far, I was working on collaborative research project with LG Electronics and T-mobile.